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Protect Your Life, Protect Your Family, Protect Your Property...

Due to booming economy, demand for insurance has grown tremendously. Looking at the lucrativeness, more and more corporate companies are diversifying and some International leaders also are entering in to Indian Insurance Sector.

Why Insurance?
Life is just like a roller coaster ride that is full of innumerable and unexpected twists and turns. No one can take anything for granted. Insurance is a protection against uncertainties of life and properties. The general concept of Insurance is the losses suffered by few are shared by many. Insurance helps as cushion against financial losses suffered through unexpected events.

What is Insurance?
Insurance is an agreement between two entities, the Insurer and the Insured, the Insurance Company and the person seeking the cover. According to this agreement, the insurer agrees to pay the insured for financial losses arising out of any unexpected event in return for a regular small payment. This is also called Risk Cover Plan, which means to compensate the losses that occurred through unexpected events like accidents, illness, theft, and natural disaster. And this way, the Insurer can be prepared for the aftermath of losses by taking insurance policies.

Insurance is an Investment:
Most of us are not aware that Insurance is one of the most attractive options of investment also. Make sure that Insurance is all about protection. Itís peace of mind. Insurance is also one of the saving options. In order to facilitate regular flow of money, Government has offered tax incentives also.

Types of Insurance:
Insurance covers the risks and give us protection. Insurance covers risk of life and other assets such as: Home, Automobiles, and Precious Valuables etc.

Basic Classification of Insurance
  • Life Insurance: -
    As it suggest, Life Insurance covers risks of life. Life Insurance is must for every Citizen of India. Life Insurance provides financial stability to the family in the world of uncertainties. After financial analysis, one can select the best type of Insurance such as: Term Insurance, Endowment Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Money Back Policy, or Unit Linked Policy. These all are Insurance as well as Investments.

  • Auto Insurance:-
    It is mandatory to get valid insurance before you bring the vehicle on the road.

  • Health Insurance: -
    Pollution, Stress, Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and other unknown aspects are out of control. The cost of treatment is skyrocketing and can dis balance the stability of finance. So it is highly recommended to have health insurance for whole of the family.

  • General Insurance: -
    General Insurance provides protection to the properties, valuables, and against unforeseen events like accident, flood and earth quakes.

  • Travel Insurance: -
    It is very costly to travel internationally without proper Travel Insurance. Travel insurance covers all of the worries related to health, luggage and any other unexpected problems that you face in foreign countries.

  • Retirement and Child Insurance: - With inflation, the cost of living and the other expenses will never be the same when your child will start going to college after some years. Wiser men have always to plan for childís future and their retirement.
In India, Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority is regulatory and development authority under Government of India in order to protect the interests of the policy holders and to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the insurance industry. Choice of Insurance depends upon level of income, cost of properties, age of the insurer, and number of the members in the family, and the type of risks to be covered. will help you to make analysis of your background and suggest you the right insurance and help you to process the same.

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